Concrete Floor Repair and Joints

Concrete floor repair by Concrete Polishing & Sealing, Ottawa
Concrete Repair

Concrete undergoes great stress and abuse from misuse, heavy use and alterations. The main purpose of repairing concrete is to make it more durable and structurally sound. Repairs may also be done to increase aesthetics and add architectural details. The most important aspect is to use the right material for the right application. Concrete repair is a necessity when dealing with existing slabs and can greatly increase the life of your floor regardless of the finish. Proper preparation and repair can reduce long term costs and increase aesthetics and functionality.

Joint filling of concrete floors.
Joint Filling

Joints allow concrete in a structure to expand and contract due to moisture and temperature changes without causing unsightly cracks. Joints can cause early deterioration along their edges due to heavy traffic; especially hard wheeled fork lifts as well as from moisture infiltration. The best method to extend the life of the slab and reduce extended costs is to fill the joints. The most appropriate products for filling joints are flexible epoxy or polyuria. Joint fillers are available in a wide range of colors to match both industrial and aesthetic floors.

Expert Concrete Repairs & Joints by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa

Application of grout coat to fill concrete dents.

Concrete floor joint filling by Concrete Polishing and Sealing Ottawa

Concrete joint filling.

Concrete floor repair in Ottawa by Concrete Polishing and Sealing

Repairing voids, pop-outs and filling holes.

Forward Planning For A Perfect Floor

Concrete floor repair and joint filling Ottawa by Concrete Polishing and Sealing
Save Money. Fix it right the first time.

Use the appropriate method and material to fix issues in the concrete. Just covering up the issue will cause problems down the road that can be extremely costly.

Concrete floor repair and joint filling Ottawa by Concrete Polishing and Sealing
Inspect your floor and identify problems.

Ensure all the damaged areas are repaired properly. Most of the time it's not the hole causing the issue in the concrete; it's the adjacent concrete. Fix it all and fix it once.