Professional Concrete Floor Sealing

Questions about concrete floor moisture control.
Why Seal a Concrete Floor?

Concrete Polishing & Sealing provides resin epoxy installation, traffic coating, sealing, hardening, densification, and water proofing services. Despite its durability, concrete is a porous material, which means it can absorb water, chlorides, stains, and other water and oil base materials.

Concrete is typically sealed with either a film forming sealer (topical coating) or with penetrating sealer (impregnator). Advantages of coatings include they are seamless, sanitary clean, impermeable, resistant to high traffic, resistant to alkalis, acids and aggressive chemicals.

Testing concrete floor for relative humidity.
Sealing Concrete Floors is a Multi-Step Process.

For coating of concrete floors we use a BASF and SIKA three step process comprising of priming followed by coating the surface with a self-leveling two-part epoxy application. We then seal the floor with high flexibility polyurethane top coat aliphatic polyurethane which is resistant to U.V., yellowing and high abrasion.

For impregnation of concrete matrix we suggest various sodium silicate or lithium hardeners - specially formulated concrete densifiers to increase the wear resistance and surface strength of concrete.

Installation of concrete floor moisture control system.
What Kinds of Floor Require Concrete Sealing?

Typical areas that would benefit from either coating or impregnator sealing include floors subjected to medium or heavy forklifts and tow motor traffic: in warehouses, distribution centers, automotive assembly plants, manufacturing plants, textile mills, coolers and freezers, food processing plants, service garages, grocery stores, discount retail stores, hub transfer facilities, commercial buildings, and most concrete floors needing rehabilitation.

Other uses include concrete floors in public places subjected to frequent or heavy pedestrian traffic, such as: civic centers, retail sales outlets, discount stores, restaurants, sports arenas, stadiums, hospitals, airports, museums and schools.

Concrete Sealing at 416 Richomnd Road, Ottawa by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa.

Professionally sealing a concrete floor at 416 Richmond Road, Ottawa.

Concrete Polishing & Sealing of Ottawa sealing concrete floor in Arnprior Ontario.

Serving all of Eastern Ontario, this floor is located in Arnprior, Ontario.

Concrete sealing of floors by professionals: Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa.

The beauty and permeability of a sealed concrete floor that will last for years.