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Metallic Epoxy Floors by Concrete Polishing and Sealing - Ottawa
Concrete Polishing & Sealing are Expert Installers of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Introducing a new addition to our service lineup: Metallic epoxy floors are the next generation of epoxy floor coating, combining elegance and style for the perfect finish and an exotic touch. This concrete surface coating can be used to achieve a variety of different visual effects and colours. From the illusion of craters, ripples, and swirling rivers of metallic-looking plasma, you’re sure to achieve a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Advantages of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Durability of Metallic Epoxy Floors
high durability

High solids epoxy resins are extremely resistant and durable. A perfect flooring solution for both your commercial and residential installations.


Metallic Epoxy floors have easy maintenance
easy Maintenance

Want easy to preserve, spotlessly clean floors? Metallic epoxy with polyurethane topcoat floors are highly resistant to stains and marks. Clean with just a mop for effortless shine.



Metallic Epoxy gives floors a multidimensional, glossy 3D appearance.
multidimensional, Glossy 3D effect

Achieve the perfect reflective shine. An excellent top coat for any commercial workspace featuring a brilliant mirrored effect.


Resistant and Durable One-of-a-Kind Floors

Interior Metallic Epoxy Floor installed by

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring

A true one-of-a-kind solution – No two metallic floors are alike. In fact, we never do a sample board for clients. You choose exactly the pigments and colours you love best. Leave everything else to the artistic work of our world class applicators.

We don’t use the word “artistic” lightly. These incredible floors are only as good as the artistic ability of the installer. Our teams’ talents will help every detail come to life. Select one or two colours, or add more tones to suit your preference.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring

This installation will not only catch the eye, but also alleviate the burden of excessive maintenance. As the coating repels dirt, your floor will look perfectly clean with minimal effort.

Both beautiful and practical, metallic epoxy floors are sure to add the shine your space needs to look its best. Our polyurethane topcoat, which completes the effect, not only seals your floors, but also acts as scratch and UV resistant layer to prolong that crisp, flawless effect for years to come.

Available Colours

Interior Metallic Epoxy Floor installed by

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Expert Metallic Epoxy floor coating installed by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa

Expert Metallic Epoxy floor coating installed by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa

Expert Metallic Epoxy floor coating installed by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa