Garage Floor Epoxy

Concrete Polishing & Sealing installs professional garage floor epoxy.

Garage floor epoxy is the perfect solution you can take to create the toughest and most resistant flooring for your garage.

Application of a protective coating kind of epoxy resin, polyaspartic or flexible waterproofing polyurethane membrane, is all you need to build up a long-lasting flooring for your garage floor.

Unlike traditional garage floor paint, our 100% solids high build materials are developed for garage floor coating, which undergo a chemical reaction that results in a thick layer, tightly bonded to the properly prepared concrete surface.

Concrete Polishing & Sealing installs professional garage floor epoxy.

Garage Floor Epoxy Is Highly Resistant

Garage floor epoxy is highly resistant to chemicals, salts, moisture, and dirt, making it excellent for harsh climates where snow and rain are regular as the seasons change. Furthermore, it prevents nasty dust and dirt from spreading throughout your garage usually caused when cracks and other flaws in the concrete create aggressive dust that is distributing by foot traffic or vehicles.

Concrete Polishing & Sealing installs professional garage floor epoxy.

Put An End To Dusty Garages

A garage floor coating acts as a protective sealer, making dusty garages concrete a thing of the past. Your garage will be cleaner, safer, and much easier to maintain.

As a result, you are getting high-quality floors that are durable and look nice, and can withstand stains, impact, abrasions, and chips. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry that dragging the lawnmower out of the garage or dropping heavy tools will result in unsightly scratches and scrapes on your epoxy garage floor coating.

Concrete Polishing & Sealing installs professional garage floor epoxy.

Beautiful Solutions For Your Home Garage Floor

Our goal is to have your garage floor match the style of your home or office. For this reason, we offer a few standard beautiful solutions with decorative epoxy flakes, high-solids polyurethane membrane, or even a metallic epoxy floor.

Another advantage of garage floor coating is UV-stability, that means that it won’t yellow like epoxy does when exposed to small amounts of sunlight over some time. It can also tolerate more significant temperature swings and handles humidity much better. Polyurethane concrete coatings have a very glossy finish, though some brands have the option of a satin finish. It is also a better medium than epoxy to mix in anti-slip aggregate if you want an anti-slip surface.

You can design virtually any combination of base color and mix of flakes. Finally, solid color floor coatings are available upon request. Check our other floor solutions to help you design your floors: Metallic Epoxy Floor, Epoxy Flake Floor, Epoxy Coatings, and Traffic Toppings .

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