Self-Leveling Concrete

Self-leveling concrete is used to renew or repair existing concrete floors.

We, at Concrete Polishing & Sealing are Expert Installers of Self-Leveling Concrete Flooring.

Self-Leveling Concrete is used to renew or repair existing concrete floors. It is a versatile, sturdy material that's developed to make existing floors flatter, more stable, smoother, and extra water-resistant.

Self-Leveling Concrete comes in two forms: Underlayment and Overlayment.

When You Need to Repair, Level or Raise a Floor, Look for Self-Leveling Concrete

Self leveling concrete can be used as flooring underlayment.

Concrete Underlayment

Used to level uneven, grooved, and/or heavily dented floors to create the stable, flat finish, necessary for the installation of sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, hardwood, or carpet. Underlayment layers can vary widely in-depth, from feather-light layers to depths of up to two inches. We use two types of self-leveling materials: Cementitious high-quality levelers and Aluminate gypsum modified floor levels.

Self-leveling concrete overlayment gives old concrete surfaces a highly durable and completely new layer.

Concrete Overlayment

Overlayment or ‘wear-top’ concrete topping gives old concrete surfaces a highly durable and completely new layer. Overlayment creates a flat surface that can be polished, colored, stained or epoxied. Concrete overlayment is tough, wear resistant and a long-lasting solution for commercial and industrial environments. This material can be installed up to one and a half to two inches in depth.

Self-Leveling Screeds Are Self-Compacting

Self-leveling concrete screed by Concrete Polishing and Sealing in Ottawa.

SWhy Use Self-Leveling Concrete?

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring

To achieve a smoother, flatter, uniform floor. And it’s not just about the aesthetics. A self-leveled floor offers the protection of a stronger base for your final floor solutions like carpet, hardwood, tiles, and epoxy finishes.

Self-Leveling Concrete could also be mixed with colored dyes to form distinctive floor styles as is or act as a base for alternative finishes like acid staining, decorative micro-cement, or polished concrete.

This installation will not only catch the eye but also alleviate the burden of excessive maintenance. As the coating repels dirt, your floor will look perfectly clean with minimal effort.

Both beautiful and practical, metallic epoxy floors are sure to add the shine your space needs to look its best. Our polyurethane topcoat, which completes the effect, not only seals your floors but also acts as a scratch and UV resistant layer to prolong that crisp, flawless effect for years to come.

Old Floor In Need Of A Boost?

Give us a call 613-691-0201 to learn more about self-leveling concrete. Our team of dedicated specialists has many years of experience with surface preparation and final surface finishes and is certified in installing Ardex self-leveling products. We will help you develop a custom-tailored solution to your unique challenges and desired final outcome.

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Expert self-leveling concrete installed by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa
Expert self-leveling concrete installed
Concrete Polishing & Sealing of Ottawa installs self-leveling concrete.
Installing self-leveling concrete
Produce smoother, flatter and more uniform floors with self-leveling concrete.
Produce smoother, flatter and more uniform floors with self-leveling concrete.
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