Professional Concrete Surface Preparation

Questions about concrete floor surface preparation
What's included in surface preparation?

The surface preparation of concrete in readiness for the application of a coating or repair material includes all the steps taken after the removal of the deteriorated concrete. Many of the same steps apply when little or no concrete is removed.
Proper preparation provides a dry, even and level surface free of dirt, dust, oil and grease. Removal of surface contaminants allows primers and repair materials to have direct contact with the substrate, increasing the surface area and roughness of the surface, and providing increased anchorage of the applied material.

Blastrac removal from concrete floors.
Blastrac removal of Epoxy, Mastic, Paint & Adhesives

Concrete Floor Polishing & Sealing quickly and effectively removes different topical applications: epoxy, mastic, paint, glue, plaster, adhesive and many others.
Our company operates self-propelled Blastrac shot blasting machines which provide up to 1,300 FT2 of blasted concrete for each unit. We also use HTC temperature resistant alloy mastic/glue removal diamonds specifically formulated to remove resin coatings, rubberized membranes and hard-shell polymers.

Industry Guidelines for Shot Blasting

Industry Guidelines for Shot Blasting.

Concrete Floor Surface Preparation by Shot Blasting

Concrete Floor Surface Preparation by Grinding

Concrete floor rotary grinder - Concrete Polishing & Sealing

A rotary grinder mechanically abrades the concrete to prepare substrates for resurfacing.

Concrete floor surface preparation

No harmful chemicals are used in grinding, shot blasting or polishing processes.

Concrete surface preparation at Glebe Garage in Ottawa.

Grinding with Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tooling to prepare parking deck for traffic topping.

Forward Planning For A Perfect Floor

Concrete floor surface preparation.
Preparing concrete surfaces for coatings, overlays, stains or repair materials is a time-consuming task.

Ensuring this essential first step in the process is done correctly is critical to the success of the job.

Shotblasting is a 1-step method for stripping, cleaning and profiling surfaces.

Shotblasting is often used to clean the floor- a benefit with this method is that it "profiles" the floor to receive the bond coat at the same time the floor is cleaned.