Ashford Formula

Ashford Formula concrete floor hardener and densifier.

Ashford Formula Creates a Marble-like Finish to Your Concrete Floor.

The Ashford Formula is a chemically-reactive liquid hardener and densifier. Ashford Formula hardens and dustproofs the treated concrete surface within hours of its application. It protects the surface of the concrete not by coating it, but by increasing the density and durability of the wearing surface. Once the Ashford Formula has penetrated the concrete and reacted with it, there is no Ashford left. What remains is a crystalline-densified version of the concrete that was there in the first place. There is no coating, film or membrane to scratch, wear, or peel.

Ashford Formula is typically applied to concrete floors in warehouses, distribution facilities, aviation hangars, manufacturing plants, food processing and distribution buildings, pulp and paper mills, or other types of facilities with large exposed concrete floors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ashford Formula

Ashford Formula concrete floor hardener and densifier frequently asked questions.

Ashford Formula hardens, seals and dustproofs concrete floors.

Within hours of application Ashford Formula starts to work - dustproofing and hardening your floor. The marble-like sheen develops strictly as a result of traffic, use and scrubbing. The more quickly the floor is exposed to abrasion, the quicker it will develop a shine. There are several ways of imparting a sheen much earlier than it would develop on its own.

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When can Ashford Formula be applied to concrete floors?

When can Ashford Formula be applied?

The easiest answer is: anytime your want! During the course of construction there are four typical times to apply the Ashford Formula. Each method has it pros and cons. One thing that is not compromised is the performance of the floor and the application. Consult the specialists at Concrete Polishing & Sealing for the most appropriate time.

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