Methyl Methacrylate

Princess Auto - Ottawa, Methacryate Reactive Resin on concrete floor system by Concrete Polishing & Sealing

Methacrylate chemistry (MMA) is vastly different from many other commonly used resin technologies on the market today. Methacrylates are part of the acrylics family, sharing the same chemistry used to create everyday products, including Plexiglas®, house paints, eyeglass lenses, dental materials, and medical implants.

Methacrylate reactive resins are based on acrylic and methacrylic acid esters. This is the reason for the fast and efficient curing mechanisms of methacrylate materials. Cured resins are inherently UV stable and resistant to a variety of chemicals. Even in temperature extremes down to -6˚C , MMA systems fully cure in one hour! This is due to the unique curing mechanism inherent to methacrylate technology.

Methacrylates have a distinct odor that is present even at extremely low concentrations that are well below OSHA limits. Methacrylates can be an irritant, but are not a sensitizer , so worker health and safety issues are greatly reduced. The odor quickly dissipates when the curing process is complete. Methacrylate resins are 100% solvent free, environmentally responsible and VOC compliant.

When applied to resinous flooring systems designed for industrial and commercial uses, methacrylate chemistry results in systems and products that meet a wide variety of technical and design criteria: durability, time savings, reduced life cycle costs, ease of maintenance, versatility and aesthetics.

Areas to Use Methylcrylates


    Supermarkets, and other retail facilities need flooring systems that are attractive, durable, cleanable, stain and slip-resistant and meet inspection requirements. MMA flooring systems meet the rigorous demands of supermarket environments. In addition, the cold temperature cure of the systems makes them an ideal solution for walk-in coolers and freezers. No shutdown of the freezer is necessary, saving both time and money.


    MMA flooring systems are ideal for food processing environments. MMA floors are completely non-porous and impervious. Liquids, grease, grime, spills, cleaning products - whatever lands on the floor stays there to be swept or washed away without penetrating the floor. MMA systems withstand the rigors of aggressive cleaning regimens, the movement of equipment from one location to another and exposure to the variety of liquids and solids associated with food processing environments. The seamless, impervious, slip-resistant surface gives it ease of cleaning and maintenance in the most demanding of food processing environments. MMA floors meet all requirements of the FDA, USDA, and are NSF registered.


    Millions of square feet of MMA flooring systems have been installed throughout pharmaceutical facilities in North America.From vivarium and cage wash areas to manufacturing and research and development facilities, MMA seamless flooring systems provide the highest possible levels of sanitation and aesthetics in these sensitive environments. Liquids, impurities, reagents, uric acid and cleaning solutions cannot penetrate MMA floors - staining and odors are drastically reduced or eliminated.


    MMA industrial flooring systems are specifically engineered to stand up to the extremes of industrial and manufacturing environments. Ideally suited for manufacturing and assembly areas, forklift aisles and loading docks, MMA systems withstand the constant abuse of heavy loads, extreme impact, forklift traffic and exposure to acids, caustics and other chemicals. The unique, durable bond of these systems to the substrate is the foundation of their strength. The flexural, compressive and tensile strength of the monolithic system gives it extreme durability. The seamless, impervious, slip-resistant surface gives it ease of cleaning and maintenance in the most demanding environments.


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Lang Transport 'before' concrete repair by Concrete Polishing & Sealing
Langevine Transport Co. 'Before' MMA Concrete Repair.
Concrete floor repair with Methycrylate Resin System by Concrete Polishing & Sealing, Ottawa.
Langevine Transport Co. 'After' MMA Concrete Repair.
Concrete Floor MMA treatment at Iqaluit Detention Centre by Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ottawa.
MMA System at Iqaluit Detention Centre.
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