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EUCO DIAMOND HARD Concrete Densifier and Sealer at Lowe's Cornwall by Concrete Polishing & Sealing - Ottawa.

Euclid system installed at Lowe's Cornwall.

Concrete Polishing & Sealing are Expert Installers of EUCO DIAMOND HARD

EUCO DIAMOND HARD Produces a Dustproof, Liquid Repellent Concrete Floor

EUCO DIAMOND HARD is a liquid densifier and sealer for concrete that penetrates, reacts, and bonds within the surface to produce a harder, dustproof, liquid repellent floor. Concrete treated with EUCO DIAMOND HARD resists tire marking and is easily maintained. And because EUCO DIAMOND HARD is a sealer that penetrates, it doesn't change the non-slip texture of concrete and never shows wear patterns or peels off like membrane forming coatings or sealers sometimes do.

EUCO DIAMOND HARD is a Concrete Densifier and Sealer

The silicate and siliconate compounds present in EUCO DIAMOND HARD each play a unique role in densifying and sealing concrete. The silicate in EUCO DIAMOND HARD chemically reacts with calcium hydroxide (also known as portlandite) in the surface to produce calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) – the primary strength-providing portion of concrete paste. Portlandite is a soft, porous mineral that is subject to carbonation and chemical attack, so replacing it with the much stronger CSH is a major benefit of EUCO DIAMOND HARD. The siliconate in EUCO DIAMOND HARD also reacts with the concrete to form a hydrophobic polymer within the pores and on the concrete surface. The ultimate result is a concrete floor that is exceptionally dense and liquid-repellent, which equals long-lasting protection and durability.

EUCO DIAMOND HARD Strengthens Concrete

Silicate materials have been used to improve the durability of concrete since the World War II era, when silicate was used to quickly strengthen new concrete runways on military bases. The synergy of silicate and siliconate together has been proven in EUCO DIAMOND HARD for over two decades. Join the impressive list of businesses and design firms who have specified EUCO DIAMOND HARD for their most important projects.

The Euclid Chemical Company stands by its product EUCO DIAMOND HARD with a 20-year dustproofing warranty.

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