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One of the most critical challenges facing parking and stadium structures today is moisture penetration. Unprotected structures suffer from water-induced damage, including deterioration and corrosion caused by alkalis, salts, acids and mold. Liquid applied high performance membranes offer long-lasting protection against the most damaging conditions.

MasterSeal® Traffic 2500 - Deck Coating System

A high-solids (99%) waterproof polyurethane traffic deck membrane. MasterSeal Traffic2500 is a two-components system for fast cure even in cooler climates. Sand is broadcast into the coating to give it excellent durability and slip resistance. It also has very low odor.

MasterSeal Traffic 2000 - Deck Coating System

A low odor polyurethane deck coating system for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This system combines MasterSeal M 200 base coat with MasterSeal Traffic 2000 mid and top coats. It forms a seamless elastomeric membrane and offers excellent durability and superior abrasion resistance.

MasterSeal Traffic 2530 - Deck Coating System

A fluid applied epoxy/polyurethane waterproofing system comprised of a flexible polyurethane base coat and a semi-rigid epoxy topcoat. MasterSeal Traffic 2530 uses fast setting, two-component reactive curing mechanisms and has very low odor.

MasterSeal Traffic 1500 - Waterproofing Membrane System

A liquid-applied, high-performance, waterproof membrane with an integral aggregate surface. It forms a continuous elastomeric, waterproof, skid-resistant membrane for use on parking decks, stadiums, balconies and other surfaces exposed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

MasterSeal TC 225 Top Coat

A tintable top coat for pedestrian traffic areas consisting of 40 standard colors utilizing MasterSeal NP 2 color packs. MasterSeal TC 225 can be used with all MasterSeal waterproofing pedestrian systems for applications on balconies, stadiums, plaza decks, exterior-grade plywood, and mechanical rooms. Provides excellent weatherability.

MasterSeal 658 Acrylic Coating

A water-based, slip-resistant acrylic coating for asphalt and concrete. It is formulated to last 3 to 5 times longer than asphalt and coal tar sealers and is available in 455 custom colors. When used with MasterSeal 658 Accessories it provides a complete coating system for outdoor recreation areas and surfaces with pedestrian traffic.

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